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Achievement Hall

We wanted to keep a record of all our games and builds etc. The solution, we built Achievement Hall (Shout out to Achievement Hunter :D).

Every time we do a game, we record what it was and who won etc. It started to get quite full up so we had to make an extension which went underground. That will make it easier to expand further in the future if needs be.

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  • Achievement Hall
  • Achievement Hall Side Angle
  • Achievement Hall Entrance
  • Achievement Hall Stepping Inside
  • Achievements in Achievement Hall
  • Going Downstairs in Achievement Hall
  • Achievement Hall Downstairs
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Central Station

What's a city without a train station. We needed a quick way to get to our games anyway. The station comes with 4 overground lines and 2 underground. To date, there is only one line which doesn't go anywhere yet. There is a villager working at the ticket desk, and another in the back office (there was 2, but one escaped and decided to make himselve at home in my house, so I fired him). There are also 3 ticket machines.

The ticket machines are basically dispensers with a button and filled with minecarts. Works quite well I think.

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  • Central Station in our Minecraft City
  • Central Station Office
  • Central Station Entrance
  • Central Station Ticket Desk
  • Villager looks happy with his job
  • Minecraft Ticket Machines
  • Minecraft Ticket Machines Dispensing Minecart
  • Central Station Underground Entrance
  • Central Station Underground Platform
  • Central Station Underground Track
  • Central Station Overground platforms
  • Central Station Overground platforms 2
  • Central Station Overground tracks
  • Minecraft train track bridge