Let's Play- The Earth's Core

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Our first full let's play together was called The Earth's Core. This was divided into several sections and is a kinda combination and evolution of a few Achievement Hunter Minecraft Let's Plays. We took a train from the new station and headed to Forest Edge station where the game was set up.

Firstly, we needed a prize to win in our challenges. So we each had to build what we thought would be a good trophy to win each week. We each chose a section which was screened off from each other. The space was set out to impose limits on width and height. There was an obsidian block to use as the base of the trophy and we each had a chest filled with materials we could use. These materials were also on display for us to see what they would look like.

We took about 5mins building and then dropped the sand to see what we had each created. We then voted on which we liked best. I won this one and my trophy became the Fire Diamond.

Next step was a dig down. 4 spaces had been marked out with sand, we each chose a space and then it was first one to bedrock. We were allowed to go to get wood etc to build tools if we wanted, which we did and we could kill each other. Dark_Aidan made it first, no killing was involved. Winning meant he would get a wooden pickaxe in the final challenge.

Starting with nothing again, the next step was another dig down in spaces marked out with dirt in a desert. This one was different though as materials had been specifically placed so that we would end up mining the materials we would need to get through lower materials. E.g. Coal and Iron to get Diamond, Diamond to get Obsidian. I won this which would mean I start the final stage with a stone pickaxe.

Final step, first one to mine the whole Fire Diamond (including the obsidian block) and then build it outside their house in the city. This would obviously mean making a diamond pickaxe. The monsters were pretty troublesome in this challenge and it was going on a long time. Eventually we decided to shorten it as jemmyp was the only one making any progress having found one diamond. So just in front of the trophies, I buried a few blocks on diamond ore. Then we started again. There was a bit of fighting, attacks from creepers included I think. But eventually jemmyp managed to make the pickaxe, mine the Fire Diamond and build it outside her house.

Let's Stop. :)

  • The Set Up for Creating a Trophy
  • Our sections for creating a Trophy
  • Forest Edge Station
  • First Dig Down Areas
  • Second Dig Down Areas
  • The remains after we had played