Let's Play Minecraft- Thief

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So after jemmyp won the fire diamond the previous week, I decided to steal it and hide it in my fortress at the Forest of Solitude. Basically taking another idea off Achievement Hunter from their Tower of Geoff episode which is one of my favourite. I had a base up in the sky with a lava basement. I had full diamond armour and plenty of supplies.

They had 90 minutes to kill me and claim the Fire Diamond before I headed back to the city. The first one to build the Fire Diamond outside their house wins.

There were also many chests hidden in the area with resources for jemmyp and Dark_Aidan to use. There was also a starting hut and an enchanting table hidden behind cobblestone, which they found near the end.

In the end though, the 90 mins were up and I got back to the city.

Dark_Aidan felt the odds were stacked greatly in my favour, so the following week we gave him a chance to defend the base. Unfortunately, he didn't quite understand the way lava worked and ended up filling the base with lava. To escape, he jumped off, leaving the Fire Diamond unguarded. Exploring the tower I was making up to the base led to him falling off and dying. And so, with all the diamond gear, I quickly seized the chance to claim the tower again.

  • The Base
  • The Area and Chests to Find 1
  • The Area and Chests to Find 2
  • The Area and Chests to Find 3
  • The Cobblestone Entrance to the Enchanting Table
  • The Forest of Solitude Hut
  • The View from the Base
  • Fire Diamond outside AmpsWorlds House
  • The Remains of the Base 1
  • The Remains of the Base 2
  • The Remains of the Base 3
  • The Remains of the Base 4
  • The Remains of the Base 5
  • The Remains of the Base 6